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Site Of the Moment:

A brand new efed that has just started. Great staff and looking for members.

Rank Site Rating In Out
26 Sports Entertainment Xtreme
NR 23 81
we are strictly a promo based company (e-fed) and at this time we aren't accepting caw's but as we grow they will become available. Target opening date is slated for October 1st. Reserve today! Comments
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27 Amazing Bible
8.39 23 90
A mega-site of Bible, Christian & religious information & studies, doctrine, news, prayer, prophecy, sermons, spiritual warfare, statistics, tools, and tracts. Comments
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28 ECW : Haven
3.25 22 242
The original extreme is back. Join today as real or CAW Extremists or Vixens. Comments
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3.67 21 629
WWE Online is a new site that is taking over the E-Fedding world quite quickly! Join and help us take it over even faster! Comments
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30 Amazing Bible Blog
10.00 21 24
Insightful information as it pertains to current world news and Bible prophecy, latter day events & Bible prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes! Jesus is coming soon! Comments
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31 XCW - Xtreme Championship Wrestling
4.20 16 872
If you're looking for a fun, more laid back e-fed experiance, XCW is the place to be. Start storylines with other members anyway you want, roleplay you're own matches against you're opponents, and Comments
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32 Attitude Wrestling Revival
0.86 16 469
Opened August 2011 Comments
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33 ROH The efed
4.20 10 743
A new fed based on ROH join today, still lots of big stars open Comments
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34 Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling
4.38 10 111
Once had an amazing run with a roster that skyrocketed, we are now back and better than ever! We have one show called Affliction. Go register, post your sign up, and begin your legacy! Comments
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35 What The Federation
4.27 10 347
We're beyond an efed, we are implementing tons of site features to make the website itself more interactive and technologically advanced. We have 1 show a week, 1 PPV a month. We have MMA style match Comments
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36 /aou/
4.46 10 50
/aou/ hosts multiple efeds. A great, active community. Feds run from VPW2, 2k14, and 2k16! We know how feds come and go, we offer multiple so no downtime! Comments
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37 Global Wrestling Association
4.50 9 1055
Fun Enviroment, Skilled Wrestlers, Fair Competition, Exciting Events, and Experienced GM's Comments
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38 ESE (Eastern Sports Entertainment)
4.00 8 80
1 RP a week required. Weekly show, monthly PPV. Light schedule with intense action! Storyline driven results based on roleplays. Comments
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39 WWE Reloaded
NR 8 210
WWE Based Efeds. Comments
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40 Awesome Wrestling Entertainment
NR 7 68
We are Awesome We Are Wrestling We Are Entertainment. WE ARE AWE
Join Today And Start Having Fun
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41 Chaotic Championship Wrestling
4.00 6 149
Welcome to Chaotic Championship Wrestling.

This is an Angle-Based E-fed. Roleplays do not win you matches here in CCW. Instead, your activity on the boards correspond with your success! Here, writers
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42 Totally Real Wrestling
3.25 5 68
Real wrestling E-Fed looking for members to join you can join as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Haku, Rick Rude etc. Not John Smith. We are also currently seeking General Manager, and a Assistant GM to run ou Comments
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43 NEW New Era Wrestling
3.67 5 533
New Era Wrestling do you have what it takes to be a champion in the new Era of wrestling Comments
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44 Maximum Action Wrestling
3.67 5 377
Join MAW; an e-fed hungry for fresh new blood. The cards come out every week and YOU write your matches. The best will advance to win. This fed is destined for greatness. Comments
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45 nxt 2014
NR 5 76
I have just started this NXT site. Currently accepting original and NXT talent. I am also looking for staff members and match writers as well. Comments
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46 Xtreme Wrestling Federation
NR 4 516
XwF is re-opened and looking for wrestlers, 5 titles, 1 card a week, 1 ppv a month for now, looking for the best, are you xtreme enough? come on in and find out! Comments
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47 American Joshi Pro
1.00 3 139
American Joshi Pro Wrestling an all-women E-fed. Emphasizing strong roleplaying skills, players are challenged to create, compete and craft content. The site is managed by an experience roleplayer and Comments
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48 WCA
NR 3 305
A match RP based e-fed. I promise you wont be dissapointed. Here it is all about you, so if you have any suggestions feel free to PM any of the staff or me, I am Jeff Hardy there, and we'll definetl Comments
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49 Wrestling Heaven
3.67 3 456
Wrestling Heaven has returned and it will bring its legendary e-fed, wrestling heaven made normal fedders legends and is out to do so again, join the revolution Comments
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50 Ring Of Honor
NR 3 272
We Are A New E Fed Started By Christian Cage On The Site.We Only Take Real Wrestlers.We take Them From WWE TNA NWA ROH Ext. But If u Sign As A CAW U Will Be Rejected. Comments
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