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World Wrestling Entertainment: Best for Business
World Wrestling Entertainment: Best for Business is a new fed that has opened its doors up... We pride ourselves in being a family and we are set in the modern era, only there is a twist, it is actual

Rank Site Rating In Out
76 AnabolicMenu-High quality anabolic steroids
NR 1 0
Our online store is official distributor of world leaders companies as GLOBAL ANABOLIC, ASIA DISPENSARY, EU BIOZ which have ISO 9001 quality certification and approved by clinical res Comments
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77 HBW
4.72 1 222
Hell Bound Wrestling, Endless Possibilities to come, Winning matches are based on Role Plays & activity on the boards. Join now to join the Hell Bound Experience! Comments
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4.86 1 2
New cartoon/video game efed, established in 2017. Always seeking players ready to win the IMCW World Championship. Comments
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3.00 1 122
NYWA,is a place where you can control your legacy.We have the stars of today,alone with the future Hall of Famers.

Come check us out for more information
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80 Dangerous Under-Rated Wrestling
NR 1 252
Looking to be dangerous? Look no further as Dangerous Under-Rated Wrestling takes you to the bery limit. DUW is ready. Are you? Comments
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81 Wrestle Hub
NR 1 98
Wrestling Meets Stats Based Fantasy Sports Comments
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82 Total
3.00 1 245
Total Wrestling Entertainment is finally coming back from nearly a two year hiatus and we want you all to join us and bring TWE back up to the pedestal it once stood on! Stop in and join us here in TWE for a fun time and to role-play with all of us here i Comments
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83 Diehard Wrestling Federation
NR 1 4
A very new and upcoming FED. Just looking to get something fresh going, and get people to enjoy E-Wrestling once again Comments
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84 Revolution Pro Wrestling
NR 1 326
A Brand new EFed that is out to change the wrestling world. Join the Revolution. Comments
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85 Hardcore Championship Wrestling
NR 0 27
We are new and up and coming. Come join! Comments
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86 IWG(International Wrestling Global)
NR 0 3
The new setup caw wrestling company. Comments
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87 wwe17inc
NR 0 2
Over FOUR years of E-Fed live Entertainment! Caws are not allowed. Established May 2013. Still going strong. A lot big stars still available for you to decide your fate. Comments
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88 Prescription Drugs
NR 0 0
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89 Warrior Wrestling
4.60 0 26
Come join us for an unusual blend of Mixed Martial Arts and Pro Wrestling. We're also a poser fed. Come find out what that means! Comments
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90 Extreme Wrestling Empire
4.60 0 126
Extreme Wrestling Empire has been founded in 2009. We welcome people with all kind of experience. Over the years EWE has developed to be a community of very close friends, which we take pride in. Comments
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91 Classic Championship Wrestling Federation
NR 0 52
Original E-Fed no using real wrestlers such as Kane,John Cena you can use there pics but not there name you must register as your wrestlers only your wrestlers name. We have one show per week called T Comments
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92 Bare Bones Wrestling
1.00 0 95
Bare Bones Wrestling is the return to that old school feel of E-fedding. A small Ohio based federation with quality results, friendly people and looking to grow. If you are ready to dare to go Bare...Come to B.B.W. Comments
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93 Forever Wrestling Forums
NR 0 257
Looking for a fed that has a strong history talent across the board at all skill levels, Excellent graphics, Experienced leadership and quality storylines to keep you on the edge waiting for our next Comments
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94 DX Revolution
3.67 0 207
DX Revolution is a new fed but is takeing off very fast if youwant to be apart of makeing this the best fed around then join us now!!!

we have three shows plus a ppv each month our own free live chat
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95 AWA (Asylum Wrestling Alliance
NR 0 371
almost one year old as we have risen from the ashes of the GWA. We are currently in search for fresh blood and we are here to make a name for ourselves.

join the asylum!!
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96 The Empire
NR 0 177
The Empire has been around for roughly ten years and we strive to bring you the very best storylines you have ever seen.

6 belts to fight for with one weekly show and one ppv per month.
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97 Xtreme Championship Wrestling
NR 0 184
XCW Was open September 12 2009 and we are looking for wrestlers and votes so come and join and vote for us every three hours Thanks XCW Staff Comments
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98 Total Hardcore Wrestling
4.20 0 194
A Brand New fed looking for new members! every match is Hardcore unless stated otherwise. Real Wrestlers only! Comments
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99 Geneva Championship Wrestling
NR 0 223
GCW is a old efed on its way back to life. join apart of the NEW RESSURECTION of the real GCW. we have our weekly show, and some house shows every week. come and check us out. Comments
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NR 0 195
brand new efed looking for efeders to join both real and caw wrestlers accepted. Comments
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