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NEW New Era Wrestling
New Era Wrestling do you have what it takes to be a champion in the new Era of wrestling

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51 Golden Championship Wrestling
NR 2 4
Golden Championship Wrestling is a role-play based story driven federation with a dedicated staff with 15 years experience in the game. This is the re-opening of a once great federation that held its Comments
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52 TNA Impact: The Efed 2.0
NR 2 71
TNA efed run by Rich and Patrick that allows caws and has one weekly show. Comments
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53 Total Hardcore Wrestling - THW
4.20 2 328
This site is for e-fedders willing to join a new fed on the rise. It has practically everything to do, talk about WWE,TNA or talk about every day life. Comments
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54 Diehard Wrestling Federation
NR 1 4
A very new and upcoming FED. Just looking to get something fresh going, and get people to enjoy E-Wrestling once again Comments
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4.86 1 2
New cartoon/video game efed, established in 2017. Always seeking players ready to win the IMCW World Championship. Comments
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56 Xtreme Canadian Championship Wrestling
1.00 1 60
XCCW features a new roleplay academy, a montly awards system and so much more try us today. Comments
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57 Total
3.00 1 245
Total Wrestling Entertainment is finally coming back from nearly a two year hiatus and we want you all to join us and bring TWE back up to the pedestal it once stood on! Stop in and join us here in TWE for a fun time and to role-play with all of us here i Comments
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58 AnabolicMenu-High quality anabolic steroids
NR 1 0
Our online store is official distributor of world leaders companies as GLOBAL ANABOLIC, ASIA DISPENSARY, EU BIOZ which have ISO 9001 quality certification and approved by clinical res Comments
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3.00 1 122
NYWA,is a place where you can control your legacy.We have the stars of today,alone with the future Hall of Famers.

Come check us out for more information
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60 xwcw
NR 1 189
Come join a new efed that has just opened up and is looking for fresh competitors Comments
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61 Wrestle Hub
NR 1 98
Wrestling Meets Stats Based Fantasy Sports Comments
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62 Unchained Wrestling Alliance
NR 1 62
UWA is a Original Wrestler only Fed. Run by a dedicated Staff of ten years experience. 1 bi weekly show a month and one PPV. Come and enjoy writing again! Comments
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63 Dangerous Under-Rated Wrestling
NR 1 252
Looking to be dangerous? Look no further as Dangerous Under-Rated Wrestling takes you to the bery limit. DUW is ready. Are you? Comments
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NR 1 405
WWE Final Battle! We have been around the e-fed world but this is the climax of them all! LET THE BATTLE COMMENCE. Comments
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65 Revolution Pro Wrestling
NR 1 326
A Brand new EFed that is out to change the wrestling world. Join the Revolution. Comments
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66 Warrior Wrestling
4.60 0 28
Come join us for an unusual blend of Mixed Martial Arts and Pro Wrestling. We're also a poser fed. Come find out what that means! Comments
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67 The Empire
NR 0 177
The Empire has been around for roughly ten years and we strive to bring you the very best storylines you have ever seen.

6 belts to fight for with one weekly show and one ppv per month.
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68 Hardcore Championship Wrestling
NR 0 27
We are new and up and coming. Come join! Comments
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69 Idaho League Wrestling - The Return
NR 0 0
After a 10 year hiatus, the ILW is back! Weekly show. Monthly pay-per-view. Now accepting applications. Real and Created Wrestlers alike are welcome. Comments
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NR 0 196
brand new efed looking for efeders to join both real and caw wrestlers accepted. Comments
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71 DCW
NR 0 306
DCW has returned after a 5 year hiatus! Come join the fun as we open our doors on July the 1st! 20 years of e-fed experience in the staff. Awesome results! In depth storylines and so much more. Comments
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72 Extreme Online Wrestling
NR 0 215
a new efed with 4 belts one PPV a month and over 18 wrestlers Comments
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3.67 0 365
Wrestling forums and great E-Fed Comments
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74 XCW Wrestling
NR 0 327
Xtreme Wrestling at it's best!!! Get Xtreme or get killed!!! Fantasy wrestling roleplaying... Comments
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75 Geneva Championship Wrestling
NR 0 224
GCW is a old efed on its way back to life. join apart of the NEW RESSURECTION of the real GCW. we have our weekly show, and some house shows every week. come and check us out. Comments
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